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This will just show pictures,touring gosupermodel.I might have a little info on the side,so dont be alarmed if you see words xD they come in peace.Sit back,relax and enjoy the tour.Including videos,pictures,screenshots and information.All vvideos are from YOUtube.

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Supernova:The items wear out slower.You can buy unique items.CAN sometimes be expensive.Sometimes has discounts.
GLITZ:The hair and makeup store:New hair.Need a new and cute look?Visit  here!Awesome makeup,some are a little to much.But very cute.
Vintage Shop:Awesome.Things can be found for vwry low prices here.But watch the percentage.If its over 89% there is no point in buying it.You would just be wasting your money.But I good palce if you are SHORT on money.


Alot cuter then the other plain version but the same rules apply as above.

Here you are probably wondering why I have circled the lights.Did you know you could change the color?For #1 you can turn them on and off.But for #2 you can change the light color.This is in wardrobe.But the same rules apply for the vintage shop,supernova and even your wardrobe!



1-A gotest is a test made by other members of gosupermodel that you can take to tell you anything you want to find out about.Formally,like a quiz.
2.Competition is another way to earn gomoney although you dont earn fame,it is worth it.Most comepition range from 500-1000 gomoney!
3-Designer is like a free draw.If you think you cant draw maybe you can practice with 'Imported clothing' and try new styles with them to develop skills.
4-This is a shortcut to all the possibilities.



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